Regaining Our Lost Government for

We the People

After years of corruption, we the American people have lost trust in our government. It’s time we take charge and demand accountability from our elected officials. It’s time we remind politicians that they serve us, not the other way around.

Military veteran Alan Duff has had enough. Duff has seen true public servicenot in politicians, but in our armed forces.

We have to take action quickly or the United States will fall to the selfishness and greed of politicians who put themselves before their nation’s best interests.

With a uniquely military perspective on civic duty, Duff explores the sorry state of our nation’s shattered politics and suggests ways to slow the effects of abusive politicians. More importantly, he offers a roadmap to restore our nation and offers hope for future generations.

What others are saying

About the Book

Sheila Raye Charles

To a man who is willing to go against the grain and give us information that most politicians want to hide from us shows great boldness, resiliency, courage and love for his country. Thank you for being the man of God that you are and holding fast to the truth!

Sheila Raye CharlesSinger, Author and Daughter of Ray Charles
Blake Huffman

Fixing America’s Shattered Politics is a book that could be written in every state, in almost every jurisdiction. In a time where left v right dominates the headlines, this book offers many practical non-partisan solutions.

Blake HuffmanRamsey County Commissioner, MN Veterans Journey
Joe Johnson

American military veterans have earned our trust through dedicated service to the greater good and many politicians have not. With a strong background in public service through 23 years of military service, Alan provides exceptional ideas that empower concerned citizens to take effective steps in fixing our shattered politics.

Joe JohnsonFounder of Trust Vets
Jerry Kyser

Alan’s combined background in military service and local politics allows him to bring great insights into the problems and necessary solutions for bringing America back to greatness. He is a true Patriot and honorable public servant for America!

Jerry KyserU.S. Army Vietnam Veteran and Ellis Island Award Recipient
Larry Josephs

Fixing America’s Shattered Politics is a book that should be mandatory reading in every high school Political Science & ROTC classrooms and Military Academies. If a volunteer is going to raise their hands to defend the U.S. Constitution and try to make a difference in America, then they need to go into it with both eyes open! Great Job MAJ Duff!

Larry JosephsUnited States Army First Sergeant - 1966-1995 (Ret.) Former Alderman, West St. Paul, MN
David Meece

At a time when our politicians seem to be failing at every level to provide leadership based on rationality and common sense, Alan Duff offers a brilliant set of ideas that all of America should take time to ponder. Kudos Alan for a phenomenal book, for your lifetime of service, and for sharing the truth when so many others are afraid to do so.

David MeeceChristian Music Hall of Famer
Jeff Duncan

Al was subjected to some eye opening corruption at a County level, but this happens everywhere throughout the U.S. When a country is so focused on a bipartisan Presidential election, eyes become less focused on local, county and state politics; all of which have a major impact on citizens’ everyday lives. Al does a fantastic job of providing a non-partisan, militarily focused plan to improve the service of these vital government levels.

Jeff DuncanConcerned Citizen
Denny Schulstad

I can certainly relate to the issues raised by Alan Duff in this five-star book. Our politicians have taken a severe turn to partisanship where nothing gets done, promises are made that cannot be maintained by future generations and citizen frustration increases. Duff offers an excellent guide that every politician and civic-minded citizen needs to learn and follow to help fix our shattered politics and preserve our freedom before it is too late.

Denny SchulstadRetired Air Force Brigadier General Former Minneapolis City Councilmember for 22 years
Jim Kennedy

Mr. Duff dealt with some unbelievable corruption in Isanti County, but these political problems are all around us in America today. His common-sense ideas for improving the lost trust between frustrated citizens and self-serving elected officials are needed ASAP at nearly every political level.

Jim KennedyFormer Isanti City Councilmember
Craig Johnson

Alan’s brutal honesty about the concerns of politics today is something America needs to hear, and his ideas for fixing our shattered politics provide excellent tools for concerned citizens overseeing all political offices throughout the U.S.

Craig JohnsonConcerned Citizen
Dennis Davis

What has become painfully apparent to even the most casual observer, our government at all levels has lost their way and become devoid of many of the values of our founding fathers. As a military veteran and one who has won elected office, US Army Reserve Major (Ret) Alan Duff not only does a superb job of outlining how many of our politicians lack values such as integrity, honesty and selfless service but identifies his solutions to fix our utterly shattered politics and regain the trust of all Americans. BRAVO ZULU, Maj (Ret) Duff, BRAVO ZULU!

Dennis DavisFormer USAFR Captain and author of Not your Average Joe: Profiles of Military Core Values and Why They Matter in The Private Sector
Chaplain Kenneth L. Beale

I read Fixing America’s Shattered Politics from cover to cover and frankly, I could not put it down. Amen! Amen! Amen! This book clearly articulates the position of ‘we the people’ and takes to task the officials we’ve elected to do the people’s work of government. This is a MUST READ book for every law-abiding citizen struggling to articulate their frustrations, and every politician who seeks to truly serve their electorate.

Chaplain Kenneth L. BealeCOL Retired & Pastor of Ft. Snelling Chapel

Al Duff leads by example! I have had the opportunity to work with Al on many occasions and his dedication to our veterans, community and our country is unmatched. He does a great job of identifying the negative impacts from corruption and presents many exceptional ideas on how concerned citizens can curtail the destruction caused by self-serving politicians.

Jeff KolbFormer Isanti City Councilmember